Hmmm last time i found my hair is perfectly damaged! i had split ends, breakage, brittle and tangled hair. Everything doesn't feel right. I feel like smacking down my face to the floor and forget the fact i have this problem. But i manage to find a way. Yes, i'm goin to the drugstore and found this, Sunsilk Co Creation with Thomas Taw. It says the products can help overcome and reduce the dryness of any damage/ dry hair, so i decided to try . For below than RM 20, i found it is pretty cheap. But washing off ur hair with the

shampoo only is not enough, thus,i also bought the conditioner, the serum and the leave-on conditioner, altogether are below than RM 100, still cheap. Well, it does say after the 10th application, you will get to see the result, so im trying it for the:

 First time- NO result (of course because it is my 1st time!)

Second time- still, nothing had changed

Third time- A lil bit improvement, my hair less brittle and tangle, but still greasy and dry

Fourth time- Same as the third result

Fifth time- Nothing much change except i can feel my hair less dry and split ends totally went off

Sixth time- Nothing much had changed

Seventh time- My hair is less dry and no split ends, basically its the same until the tenth apply.

Ive been using it like for two months and a half, all i can say, the product is OK, but not good enough to fix my hair issue. Thus, i decided to chop my hair off (altho i refused to;(  ) It sucked, but i do satisfy with the result it gave me (30% worked) .Well i guess different person, different result, or maybe it's a sign  i should switch into another brand, and now,  i wanted to try TRESEMME products as it's recommended by the experts/ professional and used by most salons. So im gonna put a review about the product later.