I'm like the other 12 millions FB users, who plays Cafe World every single day, and i had been playing for a year now, lots of things i gotta say. So here we go!

  What is the best game in FB?

Cafe World
What is the most popular game in FB?
Cafe World
What is the most "like" game in Facebook?
Still cafe world! 
Okay, too many questions already, but yeah it is reality! Cafe World is dominating Facebook since 2009 until now (err, really?). Zynga's  players age ranging between 12 to the age (50-60 ++) and i'm not lying! based on the game rating, Zynga company dominating facebook (games category). You know Zynga (Farm Ville, City Ville, Empires and Allies, Vampire Wars, Castle Ville, and the newest one that just created issues, The Ville (a look alike "Sim City Social" game).

 Zynga had contributing lots of entertaining and fun stuffs to the players, and i gotta admit, Cafe World is one of the game that gives you all the fun you needed in a very %$#*&&% way!! . ^^ wink wink... I don't want to look good or polite on writing this stuff, Zynga should've known the truth, they just lose their fans / players out there. The rating just dropped down this year and many players are giving up now. (Im talking bout cafe World)

 So, if u never played CW before, or have an intention to play, you should read my post and think carefully, because i, like other regular players don't want you, new innocent players to get involve to the cruelest game in the world ever! Why i've just stated that? Here are the reasons why:

 1. This is completely a timed goal game! if u manage to relax and chill, this is NOT your game!
 2. If you don't like to wait, and asking to more than 10 people per day for the foods and quests parts, u shouldn't play this!
 3.Unless If you're rich and willingly to pay lots of real money, you can still manage to play it with less stress, others, who is smart and want a real challenge,u  do not have to pay but play it like there's no tomorrow!
 4. If you didn't have a fake acct, don't intend to start, because you need it to apply some cheat (legal cheat) and to add friends ( i mean you need hundreds) other CW players to help you with quests parts, items and foods
 5. Goals? The time given for a big event goal is around a week or two, but the quests? CRAZY! With about 15 +  quests parts that are needed to be completed in 14 days? Its beyond than possibility, why??
      a. each players have a very limited stoves/burners. (the higher your level, the more burners will you  get) and yes you can unlock one stoves after jumping the next 10 -20 levels! *You're lucky if you had Ultra stoves/ mega stoves (These special stoves can be purchased (really expensive!!) , but you can earn it for FREE once you  have contributed/ completed towards the past goals!)  **basically ultra and mega stoves are the rewards of completing most of the goals CW gave.
     b. cooking time for most of the goals (shortest foods can be up to 2-4 hours) to the longest (up from 8-20 hours)!!!! Foods that needed to be cooked??Sometimes, it is more than ur burners can afford. Sometimes you need to cook the same dishes for more than just a round to finish. (Thank God if you have Ultra Stoves (50% reduce cooking time) or mega stoves (10% cooking time) But still, hard to manage on time!
Quest parts?? You need to post and ask your neighbors for the part to complete the goal. Here is the toughest part, WAITING others to REPLY!! For those having good neighbors, that's a bit relieve, but those who didn't, you have to find and add some that can contribute on time!
    c. It isn't just that, within the time you're busy cooking to complete the big event, other timed goal will be also coming. This is the WORSE part, because you're just get bothering while you're concentrating on doing something. YOU ARE WORKING HARD ON THAT GOAL, AND THE NEW ONE JUST COMING UP LIKE THAT! THIS IS SOOO NOT COOL. TWO IMPOSSIBLE GOALS in one time, c'mon Zynga, is there any good way to make us pay for your company??? Yes, only if you had more cash, you can invest for it, but i'll say it's not that worth it!!

6. You need to use some HELP like asking FOODS from your friends or do it with your fake acct, by using the food GIDS (thanks hackers :) you can get foods without have to cook! But sadly Zynga always find a way to destroy everything (it doesnt work anymore!) So do the quests part (You have to beg or just wait or pay with your cash)

7. I'm working really hard on this, does it worth the efforts?
NO. it didnt much worth it! The rewards are not really worth the money, time and your efforts, don't tell me i didn't warn you, yes i am stupid for playing the game, stupid and addicted to the challenge it gives me. I've been playing for a year, and i don't want to give up now! But if Zynga now is a step ahead of destroying our trusts and loyalty.

So, thats my opinion about the game, if my POV affect your trust towards Zynga and CW in a negative way, i won't apology because i'm an honest person, and i'm only telling the truth. So to all CW players that are still standing strong, CONGRATS for successfully being super patient!!