It's been like three months i've been trying to fix my hair issues. Frankly to say, my hair was all damaged, heavy, oily and very dried! I swear i was having a really hard time facing it!! But i'm managed to find the right solutions, i've been trying many branded products and all i gotta say, they were TOTALLY SUCK and left my hair all in the WORST CONDITION ! 

Lets get to the point, and forget the past. Here's how i'm doing it

1. I'm using Watsons' Olive Shampoo and Conditioner (cheap, does not heavy, safe and moisturize my hair all day long)

2. I wash my hair twice a  week. I do wet my hair daily. Water alone won't cause a damage to your hair! So don't afraid to wet your hair daily! My hair loves water!!

3. Please never ever brush your hair while it's still wet, yes you can comb your wet hair with a wide-tooth comb. Only brush your hair when your hair is dry!!

4. Apply vitamin for you hair weekly. Vitamin is necessary to treat and maintain your hair condition. I'm using 
Ellips (Hair Treatment) and Ellips (Shiny and smooth). They do work, and i'd recommend you to try. It's cheap, make your hair grow healthy ,soft and silky. Ellips suitable for all hair types. You won't regret it!

5. While shampooing your hair, make sure you do it well and carefully. Massage your scalp with you finger, not with your fingertips! After shampooed, make sure you put conditioner too! Leave your hair for about 20 minutes, which the longer, the better. You can put a shower cap to let the conditioner works better and fast . 

6. Let your hair dry out on its own, but if you didn't have much time, blow dry your hair with a lower temperature. 

7. Trim your hair every other weeks to prevent split ends, breakage or any disturbing issues *sigh

Not convincing? Yeah, it may not work on many people, but most people did. These are very simple steps and easy to follow. Well it worked 85% on my hair now, and it gets better each day, :) I guess i've already found the solution, and if they didn't work on you, you can consult your hairstylists and let them fix it. Good Luck!

Wide-Tooth Combs
Watson's Olive Shampoo
Watson's Olive Conditioner 

Ellips Hair Vitamin

Purple: For colored hair
Pink: For treating dry  and damage hair
Black: For healthy and shiny hair
Yellow: For healthy, shiny, silky and smooth hair