ABC just cancelled the second season, which honestly i'm thinking ABC just out of  their mind. F**kingly crazy!!! Jane By Design is a 2012 series that is premiered from May to July with about 1.3 million viewers in US, and to mention all around the globe. So what's not to like?? Jane ,practically a teenager who you wanted to have and see her all the time because of her charm and "sweet" acts that kinda make you feel like to kidnap her for a night, or maybe two or three.Okay,  now i sounded like i'm a gay. No! it's not like that! My point is, Jane, is amazingly cute and... perfect, and she can make anyone happy, smile though sometimes she's a little bit clumsy, and naive.

Now let's get to know about a guy named Billy. He's the only Jane's best friend. They knew each other since from the kindergarten  , and shared lots , i mean EVERY  joy and sad moment together. They're always a room for "Jilly", no matter where they're going or doing, they seem can't be away from each other. They're attached to each other! Billy is a nice guy who really cares about Jane and  willingly to do anything to save Jane from any troubles. That were the most sweetest things  i've seen from both of them. The "friendship" values are TOTALLY told in a very sweet and amazing kind of way, and even i feel like i'm bestfriending with Jane and Billy on the screen. 

OK, back to the topic. I don't want to give too much talk about Jane and Billy's freindship, all i wanted is they're being together. YES! i'm not happy with the final episode, i was hoping Billy would kiss Jane, but i was all wrong. Billy is with Zoe.... ohh............. there's nothing interesting to write about her. She's kinda boring and somehow annoying. I mean she's not even sweet. She would not last with Bill, i can reassure that!! Things between Eli and Jane seems cannot be worked out, so i'm happy because Eli practically a douchebag. Yes, he's cute, and soft  but he's somewhat acting like a jerk. He's even slept with a wicked witch, India , that only spending her life to destroy Jane's life and career!!

From the scenes taken from every episodes, we've seen the closure between Jane and Billy, although that was not in romantic kind of way. I really hope ABC would reconsider to preview the second season because i can't wait to see this "closure" again :). I'm counting the days now. Tick tick tick

Hey, no offense, it's just my opinion!